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Who is Girl Crush?

Danielle Camoamor discovered us at the Grammys. Read her article over at Romper,

Daily Candid

Evan Hosie wrote a nice article "Winner of Most Fun Dress At The Grammys".

New York Times

Nothing wrong with having a little fun! Read about the fun we had in the NY Times.

Ball Pit Elegance

Thank you sincerely for the compliment ;) "All you need is charisma... "

The Muse

Writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd found the 'wild and wacky' side of the Grammys.

People Magazine

If you have Snapchat, take a look at People's Snapchat story. If you don't here's an article from their Grammy coverage


There's more to read about Girl Crush on Wikipedia.

Blast Magazine

Jessica Sparacino's thoughtful article "How Girl Crush Proved Me Wrong About Art"